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Global Forwarding

Logistics Services / Global Forwarding

Global forwarding, Delivered with expertise?

Shipping across country is one thing. But to ship across borders, continents, and oceans, you need to know so much more. Our offices and people—located strategically around the world—speak your language and focus on your global logistics goals.

Ocean Shipping

Integrate customized solutions for FCL and LCL ocean cargo.

Customs & Compliance

Navigate changes in customs clearance, uncover issues, and reduce compliance risk with the support of our Trusted Advisor? and trade policy experts.

Air Freight

Access 15 large scale air gateways connecting 6 global regions.

Connect with an expert


going global?

With C.H. Robinson in your corner, your business is no longer bound by borders. It’s open to opportunities. Companies across the world rely on our unbeatable global shipping services and execution to expand supply chains through ocean, air, customs brokerage, trade compliance, and project cargo services. When you work with us, you get local attention and global logistics expertise, enabling you to move your products anywhere.

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