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Customs Brokerage & Trade Compliance Services

Logistics Services / Customs Brokerage & Trade Compliance Services

What sets our customs and compliance services apart

Improve efficiency by working with our Trusted Advisor® experts in customs brokerage/trade compliance services. Leverage our experience and gain:

  • Local experts in offices around the globe to help manage your freight and ensure any problems are resolved in real-time
  • Peace of mind with technology by using our Global Trade Reports® to track your customs activity and identify areas of risk
  • The ease of working with one company for all your logistics needs—including ocean, air, customs brokerage, trade compliance, and surface transportation
  • A connection to the largest North American surface transportation network
  • A dedicated account representative overseeing your entire logistics portfolio
  • A full suite of global logistics services and technology solutions

All of this with people you can trust to understand your business needs and translate them into solutions. Our team sincerely cares about helping your business grow and will help you train your personnel to strengthen your trade and customs compliance programs.


  • North America import consulting
  • North America export consulting
  • C-TPAT consulting
  • Customs brokerage and advisory services
  • Trade policy import/export audits


  • Internal control development
  • Onsite trainings
  • HTSUS classification
  • ECCN determination
  • C-TPAT certification & post certification assistance
  • Foreign trade agreement eligibility determinations

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